Valéry Larouche, the designer behind Mikuniss Collection

Ilnu and Quebecer, she wants to promote her culture and that of the First Nations by offering unique pieces that combine the know-how of her ancestors and the innovation of today. A true enthusiast, she likes to create according to her emotions and her desires by advocating eco-responsible materials, while having a penchant for leather and fur. Valéry graduated from Cégep Marie-Victorin in fashion design. After her studies, she decided to return to live in her native region, that of Lac-Saint-Jean, to participate in her economic influence on the fashion world.

A simple mission...

Inspire confidence by offering you unique quality products resulting from the know-how of artists and craftsmen, and inspired by the cultural heritage of the First Nations from raw materials with a low environmental impact. By combining
the ingenuity of past craft practices and the innovation of today Mikuniss Collection wishes to offer authentic and creative pieces in a wide variety of styles and price ranges.

Environmental and human values ​​are those that dictate our daily lives.

We have a deep desire to reduce the ecological impact of our brand and to act as precursors to a highly polluting industry.

The need to dress is essential: it can also be eco-responsible. We opt for natural or recycled materials: each piece is therefore unique.

For the sake of social equity, our collection is intended to be inclusive and human.

We want to make a difference for the humans and nature that surround and inspire us.