Collaboration Eruoma Awashish

It is in a way a way of preserving and updating the culture of the First Nations.

“It's more than just a garment, it's a style, a philosophy and a way of expressing who we are. »

AWA REBEL offers exclusive works that promote identity affirmation and belonging to ancestral values ​​and traditions. Ancestral values ​​anchored in the tradition of a people, but still current. One of Eruoma's concerns with its AWA REBEL brand is to educate people about First Nations in order to break down stereotypes.

Eruoma Awashish is a visual artist from the Atikamekw Nehirowisiw Nation
and grew up in the community of Opitciwan. It is now established at
Pekuakami (Lac-Saint-Jean) and his workshop is in the Ilnu community of
Mashteuiatsh. His artistic approach is imbued with spirituality and aims
to create spaces for dialogue to promote a better understanding of the
First Nations cultures.


His works evoke contrast and interbreeding, duality and balance.